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Money Laundering Globally, In Excess Of $800 Billion

Money laundering is the process where profits that are derived from criminal activities are given the appearance of coming from a legitimate source. Money laundering generally involves three steps:

  • Placing illicit proceeds into the financial system;
  • Layering, or the separation of the criminal proceeds from their origin; and
  • Integration, or the use of apparently legitimate transactions to disguise the illicit proceeds.
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From the use of Cash, to More Modern Innovations that Make use of Emerging Technologies.

  • Cash is conducive to money laundering as it is portable, used around the world, and difficult to trace. It can relatively easily be smuggled in packages or vehicles, which can also take place across borders.
  • The most significant single source of Illicit substance cash is drug smuggling, due to cash being used by customers to purchase drugs at a street level, as well as by dealers and other distributors who also purchase drugs from wholesalers using cash.
  • Other cash-intensive sources of illicit income include human smuggling, bribery, contraband smuggling, extortion, fraud, illegal gambling, kidnapping, and prostitution.

Typical Clients in Financial Criminal
Law Matters Include...

Court Defence
 100% Success Rate

Indictable (serious matters) or Non Indictable

Local court matters are non-indictable, meaning that the maximum prison sentence is usually no more than two years.

However, if you have a first offence or a number of other situations you can have a no conviction recorded.

Speak with us and we will give you a realistic assessment and strategy.

Yes, we have areal 100% success rate but no one can guarantee that or rest on past successes. We strive to keep our success rate for your matter.

Interpol, AML, White Collar Crime

These type of matters are usually not handled by your mass Local Court criminal law firm.

We have over 30 years experience in regulatory matters which may border on criminal charges, but the key is that we negotiate with the prosecutors, understanding exactly what the difficulty in proving certainty components of the allegations are.

We have deep compliance experience and understand international transactions including the definitions of proceeds of crime, money laundering and suspicious transactions.

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Complex Tax & Regulatory Defences

Our holistic experience with high net worth clients including the highest levels of global tax and finance, we are exposed to all the strategies globally, that may involve complex tax, sanctions, AML or regulatory risk.

We have advised bitcoin billionaires, wealthy individuals, manufacturers of defence and armoured vehicles exporting them to various countries. We have also advised on international sanctions and compliance for the same.

Project “Wickenby” was a major focus and expertise for us (New Zealand largest tax prosecution); Our experience in complex financial matters is unique.

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We have considerable experience in all faces and techniques, such as:

  • Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML)
  • Misuse of Banks
  • Misuse of Money Services Businesses (MSBs)
  • Prepaid Access Cards
  • Virtual currencies
  • Purchase of real estate and other assets
  • Opaque corporate structures
  • Small-Dollar transactions

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Growing and protecting successful individuals, family offices and business.

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Financial Criminal Law FAQ's*

Money Laundering

  • ‘Money laundering occurs on a global scale with proceeds of crime transferred between jurisdictions, commingled with legitimate monies and integrated into legitimate markets.’


  • ‘As the rapid uptake of technology and the online environment grows, criminal groups and individuals exploit this as means to commit, facilitate or conceal criminality.’

Identity Crime

  • ‘Identity crime, although under- reported, is now among the most prevalent and constantly changing crime types.’

Professional Facilitator

  • ‘Increasingly, the globalised and complex nature of the financial sector, and the legislative and regulatory rules that govern it, make it necessary to engage professionals with specialist knowledge and skills.’

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***Some of these answers relate to other pratices such as in Australia, not specifically New Zealand unless expresslly mentioned.

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