What we are

who we are
Goldman is Still Guided by the Same Principles and Concepts that we Committed to in 2007.

1. Not to be a Traditional Law Firm.

2. Committed to Tech, Responsiveness, Availability, Being Authentic and Most of all Working Harder to Win, to Win Again, Every New Day.

3. Winning and Success to us is to Provide Outstanding Client Results That are Better Than our Competition Peers.

Our Leadership Principles

To continue to hold ourselves each other accountable demonstrating leadership every day. Leadership means taking responsibility, inspiring and motivating get better results and leaving your ego at the door. Leadership to us is also not looking back at what we have achieved, but more of what we still must do every new day.

Our Holistic Approach to Law

We do not believe that lawyers should be one area focussed. Lawyers do not have to become specialists in fewer practice areas. Our lawyers need to be holistic so that we are in tune with our clients who are outstanding entrepreneurs successful individuals. We cannot limit ourselves to one or two legal areas or one country.

Awards and Recognition

Our greatest rewards remain positive customer feedback and to see our customers and clients grow not only commercially, but as less stressed individuals when we are with them on their journey. We take away their legal issues and concerns so they can focus what they do best. Our awards reflect that.


Future Planning & Jurisprudence

We will never rest on our laurels and our commitment to the future involves, artificial intelligence, further disruptors in but we need to be involved industry, critical media comments and assembling a global like-minded team that is independent with every team member having unique skills. 

Our Legal Practice Areas (Past 5 yrs)

A Holistic Law Firm for Successful Individuals & Results


From 2015 online success story. Comprising 20% of our work. financial Aspects of family law now trending higher.


Growth in in issues of wealth transfer and mental capacity. Between 7% to 15% of our work. Trending higher in Estates and will Challenges.


Risk & wealth protection tax structuring and cross-border. 10% to 15% of our work -trending higher  Asset protection and insolvency protection.


More than 40% of our work. Niche commercial services, complex litigation, regulatory and IPO’s Trending higher in Estates and will Challenges.

Our Advisory Board

Mr. Jaswinder Sekhon​

Jaswinder strives to simplify and demystify complex legal matters, to explain them logically…

Mr. Gidon Sattinger

Gidon Sattinger is the founder, Director and CEO of Vintech Systems, a private company with…

Mr. Adrian J Compton

Adrian is one of the firms co founder’s and has arranged for the stepped equity investment into…

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