Transparent Pricing Structure

Some Limited Special Offers!

Clear Pricing Principles For Legal Services

Trust Begins With Absolute Transparency.

Stage by Stage Written Quotes and Capped Lawyer Hours

Our Pricing Guarantee:

  • We guarantee that you will receive an itemised bill or WIP report without having to ask.
  • We guarantee to review the invoice if you feel that the fee is excessive or unfair.
  • If a competitive firm could do the same work at a lower cost, we will also match/review our invoice.
  • Our clients should not have fee surprises and we will cost in stages.
  • We work to retain and know our clients business for the long term!

Goldman Lawyers Rates 2023*​

Standard Complexity Level Senior Lawyers

It’s Not The Per Hour Rate, But The Total Cost & The Quality of the Outcome, Advice Experience and Strategy.

Senior Partner

$ 600 p.h.

Senior Associate

$ 500 p.h.


$ 450 p.h.


$ 350 p.h.


$ 150 p.h.


$ 100 p.h.

* Plus GST, if Applicable

What is Guided Self Help?

How Can I save 50% in Legal Fees ?

Guided self-help doesn’t work for all matters.
Please read the below and us to discuss if it can work for you!

We introduce guided self-help as an option for clients in family law that could not afford to use the lawyer for the whole matter. In other words, they would partly self-represent any use our services.

In our experience, requesting standard disclosure or issuing subpoenas, or raising issues and concerns for children can be a long process where the client self-represents without guidance but now has our help at a reduced cost!

Typically, only about 20% of all family law matters end up in a final hearing contact us to discuss how this may benefit you.

Compare 2023 Typical & Legal Rates (Australia)

Comparison With Our Rates Above

Senior Partner/ Principal

$ 600 – $ 700 p.h.


$ 350 – $ 450 p.h.


$ 250 – $ 350 p.h.

Junior Lawyer

$ 200 – $ 250 p.h.


$ 150 – $ 250 p.h.


$ 100 – $ 200 p.h.

Our Special Offers!

Take Advantage of These Limited Offers*

In Addition To Guided Self Help!

  • Family law : Start the process. All pre-action procedures from $1200 plus GST
  • Complex document review and consult : For litigation, commercial, criminal, tax, estate or family law matters. We review one or more documents and provide you with oral advice as to your next step. $300+ GST (capped at 1 hour in total: advice and discussion capped at 20 minutes).
*Subject to demand

Goldman Law Awarded & Recognised

“Best Family Law Firm Award” (2023)
“International Advisory Experts Award” (2020)
“Family Law Firm Of The Year Award” (2017)
“Legal Service Innovation” (2022)
“Litigation Excellence Awards” (2021)
“International Tax Law Disputes” (2017)
“Tax Disputes Law Firm” (2021)
“International Tax Firm Of The Year” (2012)
“International Tax Law Firm Of The Year” (2017)
“Best Medical Negligence Firm – Australia” (2021)
“Health Law – Awarded” (2021)
“Medical Negligence – Law Firm Of The Year” (2020)
“Internation Law Expert Award” (2018)
“Domestic Tax Law Firm – Awarded” (2018)
“Best International Tax Planning Firm” (2019)
“Best International Tax Law Firm” (2016)
“Complex Litigation Award” 2022
“Tax Disputes Award” 2021
“International Tax Firm Of The Year” 2018

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