Our "Senior PRO" Services

A PRO serves as a liaison between your company and government organisations and/or authorities. PROs may be certified by the government and has a unique status in the UAE.

PRO services UAE meaning it is considered an acronym for the public relations official, who is one of our employees responsible for regulating government procedures that oblige employers to adhere to all laws and legal regulations to regulate labour affairs in the United Arab Emirates. We charge a fee on top of the government fee fr our PRO services.

We charge a separate fee for our PRO services and it is important to note our senior PR owes are employed by us and act in the best interests of our clients.   

PRO Services are An Oasis for Clients!

PRO skills and technical expertise have evolved as has business complexity and the number of free zones with unique services are made available. 

As UAE’s economy further enhances and company incorporation avenues proportionally expand, making the role of PROs indispensable. To prevent penalties, PROs make sure these legalities are met with timely executed procedures and duly maintained records. Delay’s in such matters can be a major issue or disaster for the employee or the investor, deportation and bans or permanently disqualifying a company’s trade license may be an outcome if not properly handled.

Global Trust has employed only “Senior PRO’s” that have at least seven years of experience with our clients and government departments.

Typical PRO Services

There are various choices and structures when establishing in this free zone and our experts can help you decide what structure is best for you from the list below.

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“We were extremely lucky to meet the senior team members at Global Trust Group. With real experience and access to specialist experts in many jurisdictions across leading western countries. Not just a local outfit! Discretion, privacy and understanding were outstanding.”

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